Protect Your Company From Rising Check Fraud

It is estimated that nearly $25 Billion will be lost to check fraud this year.  Don’t let your company be one of the victims.  Evergreen offers a simple, cost-effective electronic check solution in DocuGuard.

Beyond passwords and firewalls, one of the best solutions to security concerns is to simply remove critical information from the system.  With DocuGuard, the critical information that constitutes a valid corporate check (check design template, corporate logo, signatures, and MICR font) is programmed in a custom memory module.  When inserted into the DocuGuard device, this information is loaded on your printer where it is merged with your output data stream at print time.

Evergreen offers a DocuGuard for printers with either a Parallel or Ethernet port.  DocuGuard offers a quick implementation lifecycle and eliminates the need for pre-printed check stock.  It utilizes the standard print routines prescribed by ERP applications and greatly reduces network traffic caused by large file transmissions.  The custom memory module can be removed and stored between check runs, making it impossible for anyone to print your valid corporate checks.  Trust Evergreen to help you stop check fraud.

Call us to request more information on our Secure Check printing solution for Oracle R11, R12 and Fusion.



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