Output Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Lasernet for Microsoft Dynamics AX

If your company employs Microsoft Dynamics AX as your ERP system, Evergreen Data Systems and our Lasernet Solution for Dynamics AX is a flexible and effective work tool especially designed for you. Document design, document handling and distribution become a very easy task for Dynamics AX, because our module ensures a complete integration between Lasernet and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

As a consequence, your communication with clients, partners and suppliers can be streamlined and focused, making your company capable of delivering professional looking business documents as PDF, email, letters, fax, etc.

Your Benefits Are:

    • No costly programming in Dynamics AX
    • Save maintaining in Dynamics AX
    • Easy and quick to set up
    • Our solution that can be adapted to all kinds of business areas and countries
    • Maintain overlay directly in MS Word or other Microsoft applications

When installed, our module also gives you access to a long range of pre programmed menus and templates as well as the easy user interface in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

We offer a seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX with lots of pre defined reports which can be set up and generated very quickly by the user. The application also supports XML enabling.

Moreover, it is a hassle-free task to migrate to a newer version of Dynamics AX, when this need arises. These are all functions that can help your company save both time and resources.

The solution also boasts and include:

  • A preview-function that makes it possible to view the documents before updating, printing or sending them
  • File archive for printed documents that can be opened and read directly from Dynamics AX
  • US and Canadian Checks
  • 10 form templates including: Invoice, PO, Statements, Packing slip.


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